What a weekend

I seriously cannot believe it's already Monday ... and I have no idea where the weekend went!
Friday night we did some house cleaning and laundry. We also watched "The Box" on DVD. I'm super glad I only paid $1 to get it from Redbox. We did not like it at all. 
We went to bed pretty early on Friday because I had to work Saturday morning and leave the house around 5 a.m. Luckily it was a smooth morning and I got home by 11 (including a Walgreens trip) and J had cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven for me. He's so sweet :)
After a short nap, we went outside to play with the dogs and do some work. No photos :( But we washed Jimmy's truck and spent about an hour on his rims - ahhh! It looked awesome though. Cleaning the rims was really a one-person job so I worked in the landscaping, scooping more rock and taking it to the wash-out dip in the driveway. 
We had to cut our day short for a quick trip into town, when we also picked up pizza. Yummy! There were some good reruns on CBS that night so we just curled up on the couch.
After sleeping in on Sunday, we headed outside again. Then, we washed my car and vacuumed both vehicles. We did even more work in the landscaping. The driveway is almost level now! I had to take Jimmy to urgent care for this skin issue he's having, so we picked up BK for dinner. Not healthy, I know. But oh well. We ended the weekend curled up on the couch, watching TV. 
I really do live for the weekends ... why can't they be five days and we only work two?

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