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With J home with a skin infection last week, life was crazy! I was driving home at lunch to help remove his dressings (about 15 minutes both ways) and coming home beat every night. Most evenings I didn't even log on to the computer. Luckily he's all better and back at work. And having lunch together wasn't too bad. In fact, it was so beautiful on Thursday and I took the afternoon off, so we had a little picnic on our front porch :)
As for the weekend, let's see ... on Friday, we went to pick up our tractor from getting the exhaust fixed. It took awhile (we didn't leave until almost 6!) so we ended up stopping at a little cafe for fish plates, then came home and watched TV.
Saturday morning we attended a gardening seminar. My mom always plants a huge garden and I'm looking forward to having one of my own this year. I helped her a lot and J also helped his parents but we figured it would be a good idea to go since it was free and there may have been some changes over the years! The first hour was geared towards flowers, which wasn't a huge interest but did give us some ideas for our landscaping, but we really enjoyed the second half, where they talked about tomato species, etc. Our neighbor also came over an tilled a plot for my garden on Sunday, so now I'm ready to plant!
Saturday afternoon I went shopping with my friend Anna who is getting married this weekend! It's going to be a small, simple ceremony, but decorations are still a must! We hit a discount store and Hobby Lobby and got pretty much everything she needs. Of course it helps that the ceremony will be at a historic gazebo which is gorgeous on its own :) I can't wait for the wedding!
That night, J and I played pool and darts in the basement and then watched 48 Hours. It featured a local girl's murder case. See more on it here.
Sunday we slept in and hauled hay, then spent some time cleaning house. Which I'm continuing today while I'm off work. But more on that in another post :)

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