A fun day

An advantage of working 32 hours a week (and this week for me, working Saturdays) is that I get to have time off during the week! Sometimes I sleep and lounge around the house and clean and catch up on laundry, others I spend quality time with people. 
Yesterday, I hung out with my friend, Bel, who likes to travel. (Sometimes, I'm pretty jealous she hasn't found a job yet ...) When she asked me to go to Cape with her I agreed — with the stipulation we have Olive Garden for lunch! 
I got my usual chicken and gnocci soup with salad and breadsticks. Man oh man I love that salad. I WILL replicate the recipe someday. 
Bel had to get some things printed, so we wasted time at the mall and also went to Schnucks so I could take advantage of the big 10/$10 sale. I walked away with 16 items for $11.50 - whoot whoot! I've actually spent just under $30 on groceries this week and think I'm done :)

On another note ... BG was a very bad girl yesterday. She got out of her pen and I woke up just before 8 a.m. to hear dogs growling and her yelping. Two of the mutts next door pinned her down and I had to rescue her. I PRAY that they didn't knock her up. So, she spent the rest of the day in the garage (chewing anything in sight, of course) until Jimmy and I wired the pen shut again and stacked blocks so she can't pull anymore. She seriously freaked out when she went back in. 

I'm making chili tonight and am super excited. Earlier this week, I planned on tacos but we ended up just piling the toppings on some tortilla chips and having a huge plate of nachos instead. Seriously yummy. 

Is it Saturday yet?

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