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My grandma passed away last night. She was 92.
While I am sad, I knew this was coming and am, in a way, relieved. We had to move Grandma to a nursing home less than two weeks ago because it was clear she could not stay at home, even with someone there. While she was still breathing, I don't think she was still "living" as she was not able to walk or even eat anymore. 

My grandma making me laugh about a month ago.
She was honored as the town's oldest resident and a newspaper photographer captured this. I hate having my picture taken (especially since I work at a sister paper) but am so glad this was captured!

I have so many memories of my grandma and feel blessed to have known her for more than 25 years. If one thing was evident, it was the love she had not only for her family, but also her friends and God. She always told me how she was proud of me and I hope I continue to make her smile while she is in heaven!

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  1. So sorry to hear about your grandma! :(

    I sent you an e-mail earlier today letting you know that you won the Tungsten Ring on my blog "The Jackson Five Family" I'm not sure if you got it or not but I will need the size you want along with your shipping info! You can e-mail me at

    Congrats! :)



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