A splash of color

For the past couple of weeks, I've been sporting an amazing tan from the waist up. All the swimming and work outside was paying off :)
The big mystery is why my legs were still white as a ghost — I was wearing shorts, shouldn't they be tan too? I'd contemplated all those sprays and lotions, even fake baking to get a little color (especially for my friends wedding last weekend), but fears of turning orange or developing cancer (plus the high price tags!) stopped me. 
One week ago, I caved and spent a whopping nine bucks on this:
Wow. Best money I ever spent. Yeah, I do have to wait a few minutes to put clothing on over it, but it has a fabulous smell and great color and results! Several people commented on the color as the week went by ... and although it's slightly off, it's pretty close to my real tan!
Jergens Natural Glow is definitely my new best friend - and not only does it take away the ghostly glare, it also promises to firm up skin and reduce the appearance of that lovely cottage cheese - hells yeah!
Even though it does seem kind of expensive, I think this bottle will last at least a month, and be well worth it.

No, Jergens didn't pay me a thing to write this! I just plain love the lotion and am singing its praises. Although, if Jergens decided to send me some product, I certainly wouldn't complain :)

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