A lot of words about nothing

- My grandma's service will be on Friday. Although she hasn't been well at all for the past few weeks and lived a full life at the age of 92, it's hitting me a lot harder than I thought. I've been surrounded by well-wishing people, however, and that definitely makes things easier. 
- These past two days have drug on and on and on. Last night after spending an hour or so with my family, I came home and slept since I tossed and turned all night on Monday. I feel a lot better rested now, but still feel like I could sleep for hours. 
- Last weekend I attended a bridal shower and bachelorette party and had an absolute blast. I can't wait until June 19 when the wedding is! I hadn't met some of the bridesmaids (I'm a cake cutter :)) but they were awesome and I know we'll have a blast. 
- I picked red tomatoes on Monday! They were just cherry tomatoes, but the others are coming along quite nicely.
- Speaking of the garden, it has come quite some way over the past week and a half. The grass was beginning to take over but with J's help, it's all cleaned up. We also replanted the okra and cucumbers that didn't come up after the first planting in mid-April. My lettuce is starting to die off, but I planted more of it, too. I'm most excited about my cucumbers, though.  
- I have no idea what is going on this weekend. I'm sure I'll want something pretty mellow after Friday. We've been invited to camp/float the river, to a birthday party AND our nieces have their annual dance recital. So we'll be busy, no doubt!
- I am SO.READY for the river though. But I really need to get in shape. I actually worked out Monday night ... and that's been put on hold seeing as I have no energy. Plus I'm busy stuffing my face with all the yummies people are bringing. 

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