Our weekend :)

Mostly consisted of this ...

And this ...
And a bunch of this ...

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Seriously. After more or less neglecting house work the past eight weeks, but especially since we got back from Gulf Shores, I had a ton to do!

Last week was kind of slow at work, since my supervisor was at a conference in Florida. I basically wrapped up everything she asked me to do by Wednesday and had some small things to do on Thursday, so she told me to just take the day off on Friday :) After sleeping in, I hit the grocery store (no milk for this mama wasn't a good thing!) and got caught up on my soaps. That afternoon, I hit up a couple of yard sales and got several items for Baby R.

That night, we received our marriage certificate and CD of wedding photos in the mail :)  So we spent over an hour looking through those photos and ones a family friend took at the reception. I have a code for 200 free prints at Snapfish, so I'm trying to sort through as quickly as possible.

There were a few yard sales (with mat clothes) I wanted to hit up on Saturday morning so when I was wide awake by 6:30, I figured why not. I found several shirts --- but what I really need are PANTS! Today, I did wear some regular pants with the Bella Band and that still seems to be working, so maybe I'll be OK.

After I got home, I started cleaning up around the house and working on the mountain of laundry. J also did some of the little home repairs, like fixing the towel bar and working in the landscaping. When my feet got sore, I went through all my wedding stuff and some other items and priced it for garage sale. I'm getting rid of my things MEGA CHEAP because I don't want to store them.

That night, we watched Secretariat. SUCH a good movie. I stayed awake through the whole thing --- which meant not going to bed until after 11:30. That's good for me!

Yesterday, we tackled more house cleaning, some household shopping and laundry. Now I only lack one more load to be caught up on the laundry. J installed an access panel in our laundry room, so we ended up tidying it up as well - I joked that his projects lead to more projects for me.

We planned to write out some thank yous, but I was exhausted and felt like kicking my feet up. So I did, while catching up on "What to Expect" (I read Months 1-2 ... that's how far behind I am!!!) while J watched a movie.

How was your weekend?

XOXO --- Michelle


  1. I never finished "what to expect" so no worries there! Also, not sure if you want to sell your dress, but I sold mine on It's a reputable site, and I almost got my entire asking price, which actually covered the original cost of the dress and my alterations!

  2. Laundry... that is exactly what is on my agenda this evening. Wish I had caught up on mine this weekend!


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