Last Thursday, I turned 28!

I'm one of those people who believes their birthday is like a national holiday and typically take off, but since our consultant was scheduled to come into town, I couldn't do that. But my coworkers made the day really special, as we ordered lunch from my favorite place and they also surprised me with this yummy cake!

Sorry, you'll have to turn your head sideways. I tried and tried but COULD.NOT get this turned!
Thankfully, my Thursday work day was much better than Wednesday, and I actually made it home just before 5. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, so when C and I got home hubby was riding horses. Since we were going out for dinner on Friday, hubby just heated up some leftovers, since I did lots of cooking earlier in the week.
This is my favorite picture from the day :)

Just to make myself sad, I'm going to also share this picture, from my 27th birthday.

What happened to my baby?

I've been telling hubby that I want a mother's necklace forever, so this was my special present from my two boys :) LOVE.

Anyhow, we went to bed way early because I had to be up by 5 a.m. Friday to get to a meeting an hour away by 7 a.m. Thankfully, we wrapped up quickly on Friday so I got home about mid-afternoon and was able to take a quick nap before going to dinner.

We dropped Coop off at my parents and went to Shogun, a hibachi grill up in Cape. Delish! Love going there, and its always a treat as it's quite expensive. We did a little shopping also :)

Saturday, we had friends over for pizza, pool and Texas Hold 'Em. Then on Sunday, we had some doughnuts for breakfast.

And that wrapped up my birthday celebrations. I feel so blessed!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Love the Mother's necklace.

  2. Happy birthday! Sounds like a great celebration!


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