Friday randoms

  • I've said time and time again that I could eat pizza every day. Well, I think I'm officially burnt out. After Super Bowl Sunday, ordering pizza one day at work last week, then having pizza on Saturday night and the leftovers earlier this week, I am actually sick of it.
  • Mister has been feeling a bit under the weather. Yesterday I picked him up from daycare and while all the other kids were playing outside, he was inside due to his runny nose. Last night, I heard him cough several times. I can see it in his eyes and it just breaks my heart.

  • Remember my post from two weeks ago when I talked about my working out/eating healthier progress? Well, I must have jinxed myself. I haven't worked out once since then, and I've been eating like crap. Worst of all, I can really feel how sluggish my body is due to it all.
  • The awards/banquet season has begun! Hubby and I have been "summoned" to our first event this coming weekend, and it's only the start. With my new and expanded service area, I'm going to be traveling a lot this spring and summer.
  • My kid is a nut. The other morning, he didn't want to be carried into the kitchen, so we let him chill in his room (one of the few places he can be left unsupervised) and come in on his own terms. Well, he came in carrying his work boots. So that's what little Mister got to wear to daycare that day. I hear stories of boys who wear their boots with everything, so I consider myself fortunate he was wearing a Woody T-shirt so it sorta matched.
  • For Lent this year, I'm aiming to give up soda AND drink at least three bottles, or the equivalent of 60 ounces, of water every day. I should give up sweets, but I think I would die!
  • Between my birthday and V-Day, cards have taken over our entryway table. I like it :)

  • Speaking of Valentines, this is my favorite gift C got from daycare.It had bubbles, crayons and candy in it - totally overboard, but this is the "Martha Stewart" mom of the group. We did baggies with Play Doh and candy, with a "Doh you want to be my Valentine?" label.

  • I'm hoping for a laid-back, low key weekend. Too much going on here lately.
  • Happy weekend!

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  1. Your playdough Valentine sounds like a really cute idea! :)

  2. Aww I love your dough Valentines! That's so creative! And all of those cards look great on that table. Greeting cards carry so much love :)


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