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I spotted this great link-up today hosted by the sweet Amanda, another Missouri girl, and thought it would be fun to join in!

Since we chose to be surprised by the baby's sex, we had LOTS of names in our minds, as we wouldn't pin one down until we saw him/her.

Backing up a few years, our baby names, before we were ever even married, were Reid Daniel and Adrienne Michelle. The middle names were family (hubby's middle name is Daniel) and the first were names we just liked.

While pregnant, neither name really felt right anymore - especially not when another friend decided to name her son, just a few months older than Cooper, Reid! Of course, my husband is SO picky when it comes to names. It had to be perfect. I cried and argued I don't know how many times about names, but it was no use.

By the time we went to the hospital, we had narrowed the list down to:

Colin Michael
Cooper Andrew (Andrew for my grandma, whose name is Drusilla)

Chelsey Danielle
Adrienne Michelle
Keely Danielle

For the most part, we wanted something different where our kid didn't always have to use a last initial (at one time in elementary school, there were FOUR Emilys in my class) but not weird. The middle names, we wanted a family tie.

Our deal was that hubby got final choice for a boy and I got final choice for a girl. So when our little mister popped out, hubby hemmed and hawed. A lot. The nurses were badgering us for a name, and Cooper's shot record actually says "Baby Boy R" haha.

Honestly, I'm not sure what made us settle on Cooper. I came up with it because I liked a lot of soap opera names, and there was a Cooper on Guiding Light. And there is a cowboy named Tuff Cooper - remember, Tuff was Coop's nickname while in utero. And when my parents came and we told them the two names we were considering, my dad immediately started calling him Coop, so it just felt right.

In the end, we decided to use Michael for the middle name, however.

Looking at my baby boy, I can't imagine his name being anything BUT Cooper Michael. We call him Coop, Michael, Mikey, Super Coop, Scoopy, and CooCoo.

We do find ourselves talking about names for future children. Right now, our girl name is pretty much set to Chelsea Danielle (yup, I changed the spelling!) and we've tossed out the idea of Cole Daniel for a second boy. No, we aren't trying to stick with a "C" initial theme, those are just the names we like!

Of course, given how we change our minds, I wouldn't be surprised if we choose something TOTALLY different.

How did you choose your baby names? If you aren't a parent, do you have any picked out yet?

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  1. Isn't it funny how you can think of names that match the theme unintentionally? We named our kiddo Ezekiel and I thought, there is no way I will find other 'E' names I like. Now I have at least 4 on the list!

  2. Your newest follower here!
    I joke that picking a name was the hardest part of pregnancy. The hubs and I could.not.agree on anything.
    I love Cooper, and all of his nicknames. Adorable.
    Would love you to swing by
    for a return follow.


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