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{A day late ...}

Last weekend, the hubs and I decided to clean our nasty grout. 

We have approximately 250 tiles in our kitchen/dining room. And even more in our entryway and bathrooms, which we haven't cleaned yet. 

Anyhow, I had pinned a few different recipes, and we ended up using this one. I had all the ingredients at the house other than the ammonia, which I purchased a few weeks prior. Once the weather gets nice, hubby wants nothing to do with being inside {and I wonder where my kid gets his love for the outdoors} so I wanted to have everything ready for when he decided he was ready to help clean. 

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

The transformation was amazing! Here's our photo:

Hubby sprayed and scrubbed with a brush, while I sopped up the remains and wiped over with a wet rag with clean water. We later mopped up the excess. 

Now let me tell you, this was a huge job! It took about seven hours all together. Our knees hurt for half the week. {Hint: next time, buy knee pads!}

But the end result? So worth it. Our grout is now cleaner than it was when we moved in. The room looks cleaner and bigger.

If you have grout, definitely try this. You'll love the results. 

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  1. 7 hours! That is dedication! Good for y'all, and it looks like it came out great. We don't have grout, but if we ever do, I'll keep this in mind :)


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