Happy Valentines! {and a recipe}

My sweet little chick magnet wants to blow kisses to all the ladies.

{Snot optional}

Kid probably loves that darn paci more than anything ... at least first thing in the morning!

Now let's take a moment to reflect on last year's Valentine's Day ... Mister was a heartbreaker :) He's changed so much, but still has those big brown eyes and beautiful smile.

He is my FAVORITE Valentine! {Shh, don't tell daddy}

In addition to the treat bags I made up, I whipped up these yummy cookies to send for his daycare party today. And they are SO easy I thought I would share the recipe with y'all.

Whippersnappers (yield about 2 dozen cookies)

You'll need:
 box cake mix (I used strawberry)
1 egg
2 cups cool whip
Powdered sugar

Mix together cake mix, egg and cool whip. Form into balls and roll into a bowl of powdered sugar. Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes.

We're planning a really low-key day today. Since V-day is so soon after Christmas and both of our birthdays, and we have Vegas coming up, we've decided not to do anything big. We bought cards for each other and will be meeting up for lunch today. As a little gag, I did buy some chocolates to sneak in hubby's lunch box, but that's it! Tonight, we'll eat leftover chili and just snuggle with our favorite little Valentine. And it will be perfect :)


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!! Your little one is just adorable :) And those cookies look awesome! And easy, my favorite!!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, sounds like you have a wonderful day planned. Coop is just so darn cute and getting cuter by the day.


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