Fitness update

Or lack thereof ...

For two weeks now, I've been doing a good job of working out! The first week, it was abs (Fab Abs January) every day and running every other. Since Saturday, I've run or done The Shred every night. I ache.

I've been doing pretty decent on eating too until today when my office sponsored a coffee and I've been munching on the mini muffins all day. I'm a major snacker, so I've been bringing a banana and a bag of carrots and tomatoes to work and having those in the mornings and afternoons. Ranch dressing only has 35 calories for 2 T., so I've been rationing some of it as well to help me down the veggies.

The transition to only water and milk has been a bit rough, but I'm getting there. Some days I'll really need something and have a glass of Kool Aid or lemonade, but no real soda cravings.

All this to say that I've actually gained about half a pound in the past two weeks. I know, I shouldn't focus on the number on the scale. But it's hard not to And it's just plain frustrating. Based on the way I feel, I know that it's water weight from the soreness and that I'm gaining muscle mass (you should see my arms!) but I hate it.

And to add to the frustration, working out totally zaps my evenings. C likes to eat at 6 p.m. I do a much better job working out if I do it before dinner. See the problem? The past few days, we've fallen into a pattern of me getting C set up with a snack, like cheese and puffs, once we get home, then go downstairs to work out while he & hubby hang out. Then, once I'm done working out, I'll come upstairs and finish up dinner. One night I did just wait to work out until around 9, and that worked OK ... I guess it just depends on how heavy the food is! Because last weekend, we had salad and it pained me to run 3 hours later!

While we're talking about frustration, let's talk a bit about treadmills. I hate them. I cannot for the life of me run more than a mile without stopping. Although I'm positive I could go further if I were outside, fluctuating with my pace. Ugh. CAN.NOT.WAIT for it to warm up!

Next week will be a true test to my willpower. Between Super Bowl, my birthday, and three days of meetings away from my office, I'm hoping I can continue to make decent choices while also indulging a bit, and definitely keep up the workout routine.

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