Weekend wrapup

This weekend was so hectic, I swear I just walked out of my office last night. These are definitely the moments and I wouldn't swap it for anything :)

On {Friday} hubby surprised me by picking up Super Coop from daycare so I got home a bit earlier than usual. Once we got home and a snack, we changed clothes and went to a nearby town to pick up our quarterly supply of breakfast meat! There is a local grocery mart that does bacon and homemade sausage in bulk, so we buy about 10 lbs. of each and then package it up into patties or weekly amounts. This place also does steaks (a 12 oz. ribeye and baked potato for $6!) so we picked up a couple orders for supper.

We also watched some Duck Dynasty ... neither of us had watched the show yet and the men are coming to our area this spring, so we wanted to check out the hype! Pretty good.

{Saturday} was a pretty lazy morning for us. After Cooper woke up from his nap, we had lunch and went to a home & garden show in our town, then did our grocery shopping. Walmart was a madhouse :(

I also did lots of cleaning and laundry, blech.

Once {Sunday} rolled around, it was time for my normal mental debate ... do I clean and get the house in order, or relax? Relaxing totally won. After C's morning nap, my in-laws dropped in for a bit and after that, we came to town to get hubby's work truck.

Then, it was Super Bowl time!

Since it was Super Bowl Sunday and calories don't count, we had chips & dip, breadsticks and pizza. We even pulled C's high chair into the living room so he could eat in front of the TV, too.

I thought Beyonce did well, but loved the Destiny's Child reunion :) I was rooting for the 49ers and sad for the loss, but they really did come back.

In terms of commercials, there weren't many that really thrilled me,  but I did love the eTrade, M&Ms, Budweiser and Dodge commercials. Yes, my daddy farms :)

How was your Super Weekend?" target="_blank">"/>>

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  1. isn't Duck Dynasty hilarious? I love that show so much!

  2. Sounds like a very busy weekend! I've never checked out Duck Dynasty but I should. New follower via the link up. :)



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