A night on the playground {photo dump}

Last Thursday, our niece graduated high school! Getting a 2.5 year old to sit for more than five minutes proved to be a problem, and when we tried to let him loose (it was at the football stadium) he kept going into places he wasn't allowed (including under the bleachers, where I'm pretty convinced he was looking up dresses :/)

Anyhow, we were at our wits end when I noticed the playground at the 5th & 6th grade center across the street. I asked a school employee if we could spend some time over there to let Cooper run off energy, and he said sure!

The great thing was that we were close enough to still hear and had a program with all of the graduates names. So about 30 names before Taylor, we headed back, and got there four people before her name was called. Perfect timing.

This little boy continues to amaze me with his energy and strength. Monkey man more or less climbed up those walls himself. Crazy!

I should also mention, on the way home hubs stopped at McD's for a sweet tea and Cooper demanded chicken (nuggets) and fries. And ate all but two nuggets. I'm already dreading the grocery bill when he is a teenager :)

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