Memorial Day weekend!

We had a GREAT Memorial Day weekend!

I was so hopeful we would close early on Friday after a long weekend prior with graduation and because we often do close early prior to a holiday, but nada. BOOO! So by the time I got home, did my double workout and had supper, I just did a couple loads of laundry and we were out!

On Saturday morning, hubby got to work cutting the hay in the areas around our house while I did more cleaning and laundry. That afternoon, we had a graduation party to attend!

We'd had plans for a bonfire on Friday with some friends but it got canceled. We really wanted to meet up with a couple of friends that we NEVER get to see due to work schedules though, so we decided Saturday morning to hit the winery after our niece's party. Thankfully we were able to drop Cooper off with my parents and enjoy a few hours of food, wine, and great company.

I had the bacon, lettuce and fried green tomato burger and it was delish!

Sunday morning hubby had work to do outside, and thankfully took Cooper with him so I could focus on folding laundry and cleaning our master. I always forget how big our master is until I've cleaned it, lol! Later in the morning, I insisted it was time for a run. It was HOT but I was pleased with my time and distance seeing as it was my first run after the 10K two weeks ago.

Someone decided to nap. Love how he pulls the hat down to get the sun out of his eyes!

That afternoon, once we got cleaned up, we went to town to get groceries for the week/buy ahead for some freezer cooking I wanted to get done to prep for summer hours beginning next week. When we got home, I got to work putting things away and prepping food for us to grill that evening! We did steak, cheesy potatoes, shishkabobs with turkey sausage, potatoes and pineapple, venison burgers and chicken. Yummy! I had some bananas on the bar to make banana bread the next day, but Cooper played with them so I went ahead and whipped that up as well.

After dinner, we chilled outside and played washers.

On Monday, we slept in as long as Mister would let us. I kept working on cleaning up around the house (it was SUCH a mess) and also went downstairs to help the hubs clean some down there. We blew up Coop's inflatable pool and promised him that he could swim after his nap. (And he yelled NO NAP! lol). After lunch, we made him nap and I got started on some freezer meals. Post on that to come, I promise!

Once C woke up, we took him to play in the pool, but it was shaded and COLD! We didn't last too long and he fought us, but we made him come inside since he was shivering!

We then went to our neighbor's barn where we store hay and brought back 2 truckloads to put in our shed. Once we got home, I took a quick bath to get the dust off of me, and then did my workout for the day!

Afterwards, I did my 12th load of dishes for the day, and then whipped up supper (the leftover burgers, with fries for the boys and sweet potato fries for me!) Once I cleaned up, showered and we watched a couple TV shows, it was time for bed.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Those kabobs look so good!! I don't really like to cook, but I love grilling...I should make some kabobs this summer!


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