What weekend?

As I alluded in Friday's post, this was a very hectic weekend! I'm so exhausted and ready for it to be Saturday evening already!

Friday, we got off work at 1, as it was our employee gala/awards banquet.  It was a good event with great food, but a late night. We didn't leave until 10, and had an hour drive home. Ugh.

My parents kept C for us that night, so Saturday morning, we went to pick him up, after a stop at the local nursery/orchard for some apples and flowers. Hubby had let a coworker, who is moving, borrow some post hole diggers, so we swung by their house to pick them up and it was after noon by the time we made it home.

That evening, we were scheduled to be in a group of coworkers having dinner with Kevin Madden, our graduation speaker. My in-laws agreed to keep C that night, and we decided to take him to their house - 1.5 hours from our home, and just under an hour from where we had dinner. We got on the road at 4 p.m. for a 6:30 dinner. Stuffed our faces. Took some pictures. Picked up the kiddo and finally pulled into the house at midnight. Yowzers.

Sunday we sorta slept in. As in, occupied our child with a movie while we rested. After breakfast, we had a little time to play outside/work around the house, then I popped in the T25 stretch DVD to do that real quick, before getting ready for graduation. I was actually to attend our speaker's luncheon as well, so had to be on the road by 11:45. We had a great lunch, then I headed to the event venue.

I had planned to run to the grocery store to get what we needed on the way home, but hubby's phone was on silent and he couldn't find it, so I went home to help him search. We found it outside, by the swingset :) So, I made him go grocery shopping with me, and we just grabbed some Ruby Tuesday's for supper. Came home, watched The Amazing Race (Seriously, lamest finale ever, IMO) then passed out.

How was your weekend?

Oh, and guess what? I surpassed 1800 minutes of working out from April and May so far as part of the #1800minutechallenge over the weekend. Wahoo!

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  1. I totally stopped watching The Amazing Race after Jet and Cord lost. They have been my favorite since their first time on the show!


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