Weekend wrap up!

Gosh, I feel like this weekend just flew by!

On Friday night after work, I picked up our packets for the 10K on Saturday. We had intended to run around the portion of the route I hadn't yet, but never got to it, so we decided to hop in the truck and head back to town to drive the route. That's always such a big help for me, to know where I am going and visualize it beforehand, as well as whether there are any areas like water puddles, pot holes, etc. to watch out for.

Once we got home, I heated up the leftover spaghetti. We totally believe in carb loading prior to races, even though we aren't marathoners or anything like that. I popped in my yoga DVD (stretching for the win!) and we tried to make it an early night.

Saturday morning the alarm went off at 6. Ugh. Once I drug myself out of bed, I got to work drinking water and making egg burritos for breakfast. Our niece arrived around 7 to watch C which gave us plenty of time to get to the race site, stretch, use the restroom, etc.

The run was great! We had read the map wrong so the course went a few different directions but overall was very good. There were only 12 people doing the 10K (6.2 miles). It had been storming the previous night but the sun came out, so I decided to wear sunglasses instead of a hat. Not a good idea - it was pretty muggy, so I kept fogging up my glasses! We also had a good bit of wind - thankfully, we hit it in the beginning and middle of the run. When I hit it in the middle, I told myself to get through that mile and it was all easy from there!

I was proud of myself because the entire run, I didn't focus much on my time, just the distance. The mile markers on the course were off from my app, which threw me a bit, but oh well! It wasn't until after I crossed the finish line that I realized my time - 53:25. Holy geez. My first goal (before training, when I was just putting in 3 milers) was to do it in under 54. Then I got a couple of 4s under my belt and realized that would be waaaay too much of a push and didn't want to pressure myself so decided to aim to finish it in under an hour instead. So the fact I was able to do that was very, very humbling. (Side note: My Map My Run app said I only went 6.08 miles. So I'm not sure if the course was a little less or my GPS was off, but I'll take it either way!)

I ended up being the second girl to finish and fifth overall, while hubby was the second guy and third overall. The top finisher was a marathoner, so she doesn't count :) We both ended up with first in our age divisions.


Our friend, Chad, just started running a couple months ago and came out at the last minute, and ended up being first to finish the 5K. We're trying to get him to do a longer distance with us next time!

Needless to say, after all that, we were sweaty and exhausted, so we went home and got cleaned up, then took naps. Once we got some food in our bellies, we played outside a bit then headed to town. At this point, I didn't have any food out for supper, so we decided to stop at a pizza buffet in town (I did load up on salad beforehand! Don't want to eat my way through workouts).

That night we played outside, chilled around the house and watched TV.

Sunday morning, per usual, we woke up to the sweetest little face. Hubby and C let me sleep in a bit while they got breakfast going. We had bacon, eggs and hashbrowns - my fave. 

The boys got me a "Bwoon" Mickey card and flowers. Perfection.

Once hubby cleaned up, we went outside. We still had some flowers to get planted in our front beds, and we let C run around and play with his toys and even set up the sprinkler for him After a bit, we went inside to get cleaned up.


For lunch/dinner we went to a restaurant we've been wanting to try and have heard good things about! I got a bacon-wrapped fillet and it did not disappoint! Hubs and I also shared the caramel brownie with a scoop of homemade ice cream for dessert!

After that we made a couple of stops, picked up the groceries we had to have and headed home. We spent more time outside playing washers, and then had a small dinner (I just had a protein bar!) and called it a night.

Perfect weekend :)

And this week's menu plan! Not as "clean" as last week, but still good!
Sunday: Out
Monday: Beef stroganoff (new recipe, and I'll omit the mushrooms and onions), green beans
Tuesday: Pizza (I'm going to do frozen for the boys and make one with spaghetti squash crust for myself!)
Wednesday: Ham & beans, cornbread
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Out (work gala)
Saturday: Out (work event)

It's definitely an easy week, and I like that!

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  1. You're doing amazing and looking great too! Proud of you on your run! :)

  2. Look at y'all go! You're looking great!


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