Baby No. 2 Bucket List

I feel like ever since C has been born, we've been asked when we are having another kiddo. Which is kinda crazy to me. My family has a 3.5 year difference between my older brother and I and almost 5 years between myself and my younger sister. Cooper is just now 2.5.

Anyhow, in addition to wanting  3-4 year age gap, I've had a bit of a Baby No. 2 Bucket List in mind. Since we are coming up to the time that we do need to decide if we do want another and such, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the list (especially since I think I'm running out of excuses!)

  • Have my car paid off before we have another daycare bill. (It's set to be paid off in either October or November, depending on how much extra I can funnel toward the payment each month.)
  • Potty train Cooper, I only want one in diapers. (We're working on this. Hopefully will be done in a few months?)
  • Run a 10K. (Done last weekend!)
  • Be in better shape before another pregnancy. (I'm about 12 lbs. under my starting weight with Cooper's pregnancy. I'd love to shed another 5-10. But since I've been working out regularly, I see no problems continuing this through another pregnancy.)
  • Have the basement finished so it can be used as a guest room. (Working on this. Still waiting on the builder to come do the patio.)
  • Go on a fabulous vacation with the hubby. (California - done!)
  • Take a family vacation with Cooper. (We've done some weekend trips, and I'd love to do a long weekend this summer. Still waiting to hear when the babysitter is planning to take time off to decide for sure.)
EEK! It looks like we are on track to have another!

So moms of two, what do I need to add to this list?

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