California {Final Day}

Our flight was to leave California just after noon. We knew LAX was a busy airport and were advised to arrive 2 hours early, so we wanted to get to Enterprise to return our car a little after 10. It was supposed to be about a 15 minute drive, but after Monday's fiasco I didn't want to risk traffic making us late so I insisted we leave around 9 a.m. from the hotel.

We got up decently early (by California time) the entire vacation. I don't think we slept past 7 a.m. at all (which was 9 a.m. Missouri time, which we NEVER get to do anymore!) so we decided to hit the beach for another morning run, knowing it would be our only opportunity to get in a workout! My knee was still a bit out of place and achy from the previous day, so I did a run/walk combo.

After our run and cooldown, we headed back to the hotel to shower, eat breakfast and finish packing. We were on the road just after 9.

Google maps was pretty on point with the time it took us to get to Enterprise, believe it or not! Probably because we didn't have to get on any interstates! We went through Marina del Ray and it was so pretty! We returned the car and got on the shuttle to the airport with no problems. (Although we did find out the flight was delayed by about 20 minutes ... boo!)

Once we got to the gate, we figured we should go ahead and get some lunch. Airport food is waaaaaay too expensive. But oh well.

The entire flight home was pretty uneventful, other than some crazy turbulence. J and I mostly slept.

Once we landed in STL I was SO HAPPY to get off that plane though. When we got to the baggage claim we went ahead and called our hotel to pick us up. Over 30 minutes passed and still no shuttle - we were pretty much the only ones left! So we called back and the driver was there in less than 10 minutes - apparently they forgot to tell him to get us! (So between the flight delay and this, we were about an hour behind "schedule.")

We decided to just get on the road and not pull over for any supper until we needed to use the restroom, and to save time, stopped at a Burger King about halfway. At this point, it was looking like our arrival back at my parents' house to pick up Cooper would be past 10 p.m., so I told Mom to just let him go to sleep when he was ready. I got a text he fell asleep about 15 minutes before we arrived. Stupid delays.

By the time we rolled in, thankfully, my mom had everything more or less ready to be loaded up. We visited briefly and then went to get my little man. He was so tired but I could tell he was glad to see us. We got in the car, headed home, and went straight to bed.

The END :)

(I've had a lot of people ask so I thought I would add - Cooper was SO HAPPY to see us the next morning! He woke up and we heard him heading down the hall - he doesn't exactly pick up his feet so we hear him walking - then peeked into our room. We said "Hey, Buddy," and he ran in, jumped into bed and started wrestling with us. It was a great moment)

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