Five on Friday!

{1} I am SO GLAD that Friday is here! Last weekend was our annual Chamber of Commerce banquet. I'm on the committee and attend on behalf of my work, so Friday was a loooong day of decorating, enjoying and cleanup. Then on Saturday, a local organization that donates to us hosted a crawfish boil and asked for volunteers, which meant I was busy with that four five hours. Sunday, my parents hosted our family's postponed Easter. So I'm very hopeful to get some time to actually relax this weekend.

{2} After April being more of a maintaining month {which does stink, but I'm also glad to have maintained with vacation} I'm trying to get back on track with my fitness goals. To keep myself more accountable, I posted on IG {michelle1761} and below.

I have a 5K tomorrow night which I'm hoping will be the sub 27 minute or I'll have to sign up for another later this month.

We're also signed up for a 10K next weekend. Last night I finally got in a 6.25 mile training run AND it was in under an hour. My goal is to finish and do it in under an hour, so it looks like I am on pace!
{3} May is a crazy month. I'm thinking I'll have to print off a calendar to put on the fridge to keep us on track. And it's really hard to believe that our summer hours are only a month away.

{4} Summer hours make me think of freezer cooking, and I realized I never did post on what I made last year and my tips and tricks. I'll have to do that soon, especially since I'm beginning to get my list together for my first session this year! And since I'm trying to clean up our food consumption, I'm definitely on the lookout for clean-ish recipes that I can make freezer meals.
{5} Last weekend, we went out for breakfast. The boys decided to have a "sword" fight with straws while we were waiting for our food. So cute!
Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans?

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