Hubby had a work training down in Nashville (about 3.5 hours from our home) on Monday and half a day Tuesday. Since we know our time of being able to (kind of) pick up and go is limited, I decided to tag along for the free hotel, etc.

We got in Sunday night, and actually got on the road as soon as we could on Sunday morning to make the most of our "extra time."

For dinner, we went to the Wildhorse Saloon. It was a place hubby always wanted to go to and I think would have been lots of fun if I were drinking, haha.

After that, we walked around downtown. It was misting and a little gold but warmer temps than in Missouri, so it didn't feel too bad at all! We did a little shopping before calling it a night.

While hubby was busy on Monday, I got out and did some SHOPPING! I love TJ Maxx and even though we have one close by, they are all different. I think I spent close to 2 hours in their TJ Maxx, which is connected to HomeGoods, which we do not have locally. Somehow, I managed to spend less than $100 on everything. I then went back to the hotel to rest and watch TV.

That night, hubby and I decided to enjoy the quiet and just ordered in food and watched a movie. A few years back I had bought My Sister's Keeper on Black Friday and it was still in the plastic, so I'd taken it along and we watched it. Sad but super thought-provoking.

Tuesday morning, I tried to get everything together and once hubby was done we grabbed a quick lunch (Five Guys for the win!), fueled up and hit the road!

It was a great time spent with my hubby, and now I'm ready to go back to Nashville when I can have some real fun. Girls trip?!?!?

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