Back to life ...

Back to reality!

After 16 wonderful days off work, I'm back to the grind. Getting up at 6:15 a.m. (where I had grown accustomed to sleeping in/going back to bed until 9 or so) wasn't the hard part, getting dressed was! Thankfully it's a casual day at the office where we are here but closed to the public, so I get to wear jeans.

It's actually been a good day so far. We had a lunch meeting so it was catered, which was a great time to catch up.

Honestly, I'm very happy to be getting back to a routine of sorts. I think even Cooper was - he got out of bed and walked into the kitchen about 6:45 - something he never did over break, when I was still up getting the hubs off to work.

Of course it helps that I'm taking off next Monday-Tuesday to go to Nashville with the hubs, and then we are off Martin Luther King Jr. Day. No scheduled time off in February (but we typically get at least one snow day!) then our spring break is coming up in March. That's the great thing about working in higher education - you pretty much never go more than six weeks without a break, so there's always something to look forward to.

Of course, my eye is on the prize for my extra-long summer break, AKA maternity leave.

Now if I can just get my office to heat up! The system in my hallway has serious problems, in my opinion (it won't get warm, which is hard for this cold-natured gal!) --- it was 63 when I got here this morning. it's now 68 so slightly better, but it keeps kicking off, etc. Ugh. No bueno, especially with an extreme cold front coming through this week.

Happy week!

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  1. I had to go back to work today, too. It was tough!


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