Five on Friday

TGIF! Since I only worked four days last week and three the week before, it's felt like a LOOOOOOONG week and I'm so ready for 5 to be here today.

{1} A few months back, we went to a local furniture store to look for new bedroom furniture for Coop and us. We picked a set we liked for him, but were still debating what we liked for us and had a few different sets to compare before making an order. Well, earlier this month we learned the store was going to close and began a liquidation sale. We got his set and a mattress, but could not order ours. Anyhow, the furniture will be delivered tomorrow, so we have dedicated this week to cleaning out the room and painting. We still have half a wall and some touch ups to tackle tonight, but should be ready to go soon!

We chose a grayish-blue and I love it! Also painting all the trim white.

{2} All of the above painting has been killer on my body this week. I need a massage.

{3} I turn 30 next week! I'm actually not too bummed over it, other than wishing I could enjoy a drink or two :) A few girlfriends and I are doing a sort of spa day then having our hubbies meet us for dinner since we get hair and makeup done too. I'm pretty darn excited.

{4} I'm really looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday for the food. We are planning to just do a bunch of appetizers - Rotel dip w/chips, mini pigs in a blanket and some chicken wings. Yum.

{5} Our town is definitely in a "baby boom" right now and pretty much the first was born yesterday. It makes me so excited to see my little one! We're pretty much right at four months from my due date and that makes me so, so happy.

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