Howdy, neighbors!

J and I really feel as if we won the lottery when it came to our neighbors (two of them at least!)
The first weekend we worked outside, they both came over to introduce themselves and offer to let us borrow supplies or anything. In fact, one of them said he'd come over and bush hog the lovely four or so acres of weeds :)
Of course, it's been a crazy month since we've moved (and I've been sick twice) from getting things in order and getting ready for Christmas. But last night, we decided to return the hospitality and give them a little Christmas cheer!
I made these goodies, then we delivered them and had a nice chat with both sets of neighbors. After speaking with them, we felt even better about the people who live so close to us :)

Another view:

I should get off work in about an hour, then heading to my parents' house to celebrate Christmas Eve.
Tomorrow, we have no real plans - so J and I will just sleep in, open presents and relax!
Saturday I work (bah!) but  should be off by 11 - when I plan to hit up some sales, then go home and nap before we celebrate the holidays with J's side of the family.

Merry Christmas!

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