This weekend ...

Wasn't near as productive as I hoped it would be, but still good!
We had a blast with my friend's kid on Friday. Isn't he a doll? I was exhausted so did nothing but play with this little man!

Saturday we got up early (although cutie above was VERY nice and slept all night and until 7:30 a.m.!) and got to work! We spent a solid six hours in the basement, and J finally finished hanging all the blinds (our screwdriver is crap. There's an update for him under the Christmas tree :))
But the basement looks great! We cleaned the "equipment room" with the water softener, furnace, water heater, etc., and mopped it. It took at least five mop buckets full of water just to drain all the dirt! Then we neatly stacked all the storage boxes in there - and there's still room! We also swept and mopped the rest of the basement, which was no easy task. Like a dummy, I forgot to take pictures, but I'll get some soon! We plan to host an NYE party so I don't have much time to get it looking really great and ready for guests.
Sunday I did some baking (after I swore I was done!) and went to my friends to watch while the baby horses got their feet trimmed. The horses were not behaving and her mom, a vet, ended up getting her leg broken. Ouch! Please pray for her, as she's having surgery this morning, so she'll have a quick recovery!
We ended the day at my aunt and uncle's for a family Christmas celebration. There was great food, great company, and even better drinks. I was just sad that we had to come into work today and I couldn't stay out too long!

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