Weekend plans :)

We have a busy weekend planned (as if that isn't a give during this time of year!)
Tonight, after running a few after work errands, we are going to watch this adorable kid and warp his mind :) His momma is moving so we're taking him off her hands.

Meanwhile, tonight and tomorrow we plan to do some work around the house — general cleaning and new-house stuff we haven't gotten around to yet. Top of my list is cleaning the kitchen, getting the last of the blinds installed, cleaning out the storage room in the basement and putting the boxes in it, sweeping/mopping the basement, installing the dart board, and cleaning the bathrooms.
Sunday will be the first of the holiday parties for us! My cousin and his wife live in Hawaii, so my mom's side of the family is having our party Sunday afternoon. Which means I'll likely come to work with a hangover Monday morning. I can't wait for our dirty Santa gift exchange. Some lucky member of my family will get the most awesome gift ever - something in the house that was just too awesome for us, we had to replace it.
Oh, and I also plan to make another three batches (yes, three) of oreo balls and finish up some tins of cookies and who knows what else for our new awesome neighbors.
I have a feeling the weekend is going to fly by ...

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