A merry little Christmas

Whew! After four whirlwind days, Christmas is finally over!
We had a great time celebrating with family and friends — and were reminded just how blessed we are! I'll get some pix posted soon. I got just about everything I asked for - how awesome is that?
This morning, I found out our offices decided to just close for New Year's Eve as well, since the work flow will be super slow. Which will give me all day to get ready for our big bash at the house.
I skipped meal planning this week, and don't have any real plans for this week, with all the leftovers we have. It will likely look something like this:
Monday: Leftover chili (can do chili dogs or whatever :))
Tuesday: Leftover spiral ham and hash brown potato casserole. I'll probably open a can of corn or something to go with it.
Wednesday: Turkey noodle soup and sandwiches (using turkey leftovers)
Thursday: New Year's Eve party! I think we're just going to make some huge sub sandwiches, and then let everyone else bring appetizers
Friday: I'll use up the rest of the ham making ham stromboli or a pot pie.
Saturday: To be determined ...

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