Lots of sweets!

For the past nine years, my mom (one of the best bakers/craftiest people I know) has had a booth at our church's annual craft sale.
This year, I'm joining her. And I've been overwhelmed with sweets over the past few days.
My contributions? Inside out oreos (easy AND delicious), buckeyes, smores in a jar, toffee and chocolate-covered pretzels. Mom made a bunch of fudge, tiger butter, and other yummies. I can't wait for Saturday!
Poor Jimmy has seen me making all this ... and his reaching for a sweet resulted in a smack on the hand from me! I love to bake and can't wait to continue all through the holidays, as I make a lot of trays to share with friends, co-workers, etc.
Other tidbits:
- New Moon has been in theaters 13 days and I still haven't seen it
- We bought a sofa table at Lowe's last week. We went to put it together and a corner was banged up. Sigh.
- Not one room of the house is totally put together. And we're wanting to host some holiday parties at the house.

Happy Thursday!

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