The worst pain ever ...

In my book, it's kidney stones. And last week, for the second time in my life, I had the pleasure (haha) of getting them.
If you've had them before, you know how I feel. If not, I hope you never get them.
They hurt (some say worse than giving birth!) and hit suddenly. Here's my story (and why I've been absent a few days.)
Thursday was a normal day. After work, I went to Walgreens to pick up some items. Well, as I was putting the bags and sodas in my car, I felt a pull in my side. I immediately began cursing myself for getting so out of shape that simply lifting a 12-pack of sodas hurt me. Well, I quickly realized it was more than that, when I had shooting pains and got really clammy on the 15 minute drive home.
I get home, make it through the door and had to lie down - on the floor. I could not get comfortable, no matter what. Jimmy was slightly freaking out.
Then the bathroom runs started. I went every 10 or so minutes, but didn't have more than a tablespoon each time. So we went to Urgent Care.
Luckily, there was no one in front of me when we got there, so I got to go straight back. After giving some samples, I talked to the doc and she got me a pain shot, in addition to a shot to keep my from getting nauseous — but also sleepy. X-rays confirmed I had three kidney stones.
While I passed out in the truck, Jimmy got my meds (yay for oxycodone!) I slept most of the day Friday and have been staying drugged up since. Hopefully it will all go away in the next week.
Friday was a waste, but I managed to be semi productive on Saturday and Sunday, including making the first of my goodie trays. I'll post a picture later :)

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