It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The house may not be unpacked, but it's decorated for Christmas - the inside at least! J and I have decided to wait until we have kids (or I can find a great sale on lights!) to decorate outside, especially since we live out in the country and not many people would see it. But here are my decorations:

The living room from the hallway:

Sofa table on the entryway:

Can you tell I like snowmen?

I love this table because it has some "heirloom" items. The small nativity scene on the right of the table was passed down from my grandma on my dad's side. And the Christmas tree music box in the middle was my mom's mother's. When Grandma passed away a few years ago, the grandkids drew for her music boxes, because she collected them, and I got this one :)

And here's my lovely tree and all the gifts :) This picture was taken in the daylight, so not quite so pretty, but you get the gist:

Once I did all the decorating, I was in the mood to make some goodies! So that's what I did over the weekend and on Tuesday, when I was off work. Here's the platter I made for J's work:

There are dipped cookies, covered pretzels, oreo balls, toffee, chocolate chip cookies and no bake cookies in here. I don't normally do no-bake cookies, but one of his co-workers requested them, so I obliged. The co-worker also got a Ziploc baggie with the leftovers, since neither of us care for them.

I've seen a lot of pumpkin chocolate chip muffin recipes floating around, so I tried them. They are pretty good! Here's what it made:

And I finished the night making my oreo balls, which everyone loves! They are pretty easy, but tedious. J decided to snap a picture of me making them. Here I'm dipping them in almond bark - the final step:

So that's what I've been doing (in addition to drinking lots of water to wash away the kidney stones!)

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