A recap :)

It's been a busy few days!
Saturday, as you may remember, I helped my mom at the craft fair. She sold a lot of goodies, as well as quite a bit of the food I contributed. I'll know more later this week on what I made - which I hope is just enough to break even on my ingredients and the gorgeous quilt I ended up buying for 50 bucks! As said quilt doesn't yet have a home, no pictures of it yet - but she's pink and green and an absolute beauty!
Sunday the fiance and I went to Cape to check out a projector on sale at Kohl's for just under 100 bucks. Our house has a mostly finished basement that we're transforming into a game room (for now) and we — plus pretty much everyone who walks into the basemen — wanted a projector. Most of them are about $1,000 so I was thrilled when I spotted it in the ad! Quality isn't great, but it's pretty darn good!
Monday I had to work part of the day at our sister office in Cape, so I took the rest of the day off to shop! I met one of my besties, Bel, for lunch and we stuffed ourselves at Olive Garden, then shopped until we dropped! I'm happy to report I only have a few gifts left to buy for Christmas — for my dad, a small something for my brother to go with his big gift, my boss, and I need to order one gift online. Everything I've bought is wrapped and under the tree. I think I went a little overboard (for me, considering what I planned to buy) but I got some excellent deals. In fact, the whole reason I'm waiting to buy the one gift online is because I'm waiting on some Amazon giftcards from Swagbucks. Not sure what I'm talking about? Ask! Because it's a fabulous way to make money just by searching the web!
I was also off work on Tuesday and super glad, because it was rainy and windy all day. My Hank dog looked so pitiful when I tried to kick him out of the garage that I just lifted the door a few feet and let him come and go as he pleased all day. I cleaned and did laundry in and morning, and in the afternoon, Bel came over so we could wrap presents. I finished putting up the tree and decorations, too :)
This week, I'm kicking my butt trying to get the house in order. I'm once again motivated so taking advantage of it. I'd like to have some friends over this weekend so I really want it to be in tip top shape.

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