12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge: Day 11

Day 11 = New Year's Resolutions! 

I love this one! I make lots of resolutions every year. I am not successful at them all, but no one is perfect, right?

1. Be the healthiest me possible. Whether it's baked not fried, exercising or anything else. 
2. Pay off our lawn mower and shed during the interest-free period.
3. Have at least one date night every month. Even if it's just appetizers and a movie at home.
4. Make a budget and stick to it. 
5. Do a better job of eating all the leftovers, and cleaning out the freezer.
6. Make the bed daily.
7. Grow a garden and preserve lots of the produce.
8. Wash the dishes every night.
9. Don't let junk pile up in my car.
10. Focus more on what I think of myself than others' opinions.
11. Make a habit of organizing/mopping the basement at least once a month.
12. Simplify as much as possible. Get rid of things I don't use. And don't buy things I don't really need. 

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