Weekend wrap-up

Yes, it is Tuesday, but I was off work on Monday, so technically it was a three-day weekend. Although a very busy one!

I left work early and went to help my mom get all of the holiday treats we made for Saturday's sale packaged. We weigh everything to keep it consistent, so I took over the weighing and putting it in the packages while Mom tied pretty bows on everything. One of my mom's friends came over to the house because she couldn't make it on Saturday and bought over $70 of stuff AND made another order for next week! We then set up and once I got home, I pretty much ignored the dishes and kitchen mess and crashed — I was on my feet far too long that day!

I was up bright and early and went to my hometown for the sale. We had a pretty busy day, chatted with great people, made some fun purchases and ate really good chili and a delicious chocolate chip pecan pie. (I've got to get my hands on that recipe!) We did have some leftovers, but I left mine with Mom because she always has people call after the sale to buy items. Anything else that is leftover I'll use to assemble some of the trays of yummies I take to people over the holidays :) Once we got everything loaded, I rushed home and we went to a four-year-olds birthday party and stopped at BK :) We planned to go see Tangled, but I was tired and it was cold, so we went home, picked up around the house some and then J and I played pool, darts and ping pong in the basement. Why go out when you have all that fun downstairs?

We got a well-deserved late morning in bed. I made some breakfast and we bundled up to head out into the garage to get it cleaned up. It was so messy I didn't even take before pictures. We moved a lot of the stuff into our shed, which was delivered on Saturday morning! J still has to build a ramp so we can store the lawn mower in there and lots of shelves and other organizing tools are needed, but we have it and a covered place to store all the hay for the horses! I hope to do some painting and other fun stuff in the garage this spring when it warms up again! We had to run into town that night for lunch meat and it was kinda late, so instead of making my yummy meatloaf, we decided to push that off and got some KFC instead, and chowed down while watching The Amazing Race. I SO want Jill and Thomas to win. They have been my favorite since day one. I'd be OK with any of the teams, but I find Brook SOOOOO annoying. 

After I got J off to work, I went back to bed until about 10 and then caught up on facebook, email and blogger until about noon, while finishing up the mountain of laundry I started on Sunday. Then, I tackled the kitchen, which was a huge mess from all of my baking and candy making last week. Once I got everything cleaned up and mopped, I dug all of the Christmas decor out of the basement. It is mostly set up upstairs, but there are still a few stragglers. I'm hoping to finish that up tonight and hopefully get some presents wrapped and under the tree! The basement decorations can wait until the weekend!

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