What I'm Loving

There is a lot to love today, so let's just cut to the chase :)

{1} I'm LOVING that Christmas is in THREE DAYS!!! I can't wait to rip into my presents - J always outdoes himself and surprises me and I'm sure he'll do the same this year.

{2} I'm LOVING all these cute Christmas cards! I have to admit I didn't do cards this year because I was just too lazy and time sorta got away from me, but I am committed to doing one next year. I guess since we don't have kids, I think it's kinda pointless -- who wants to just see pictures of Jim and Chelle?

{3} I'm LOVING my goodies from my sock swap exchange partner, Amanda! These are so cute! A big thanks to Olivia for putting this together! And if you have a minute, say a quick prayer for Olivia, who was just put in a medically-induced coma.

{4} I'm LOVING that this project is in the Top Ten! If it holds through the 31st, it will receive $25K in funding! I know this little girl's grandpa and their family has been pushing for votes for about six months, so I totally hope it makes it through. If you have a minute, add your votes by Facebook and/or text as well!

{5} I'm LOVING all the family gatherings that are planned for this weekend. I am truly blessed.

{6} I'm LOVING how festive our house looks. Over the weekend, J and I got the $2 yard sale tree put up in the basement and I LOVE it. Which reminds me I still haven't posted pictures ... I'll try and get on that tonight.

{7} I'm LOVING all of my new blogger friends! I learn so much from y'all.

{8} As always, I'm loving this man :)


  1. OMG, I haven't read that, yet, about Olivia. How scary!

    I'm loving your Christmas Card holder!

  2. So much to love at this time of year, huh? Fingers crossed for the funding to come through...

    I also can't wait to rip into my gifts! Yay!

    Merry Christmas to y'all!

  3. getting the mail this time of year is the best! I love seeing all the cute cards!

  4. Great things you are loving!!!! I hope that you have a Merry Christmas!


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