What I'm Loving

{1} First and foremost, I'm LOVING that it's Hump Day. 'Nuff said.

{2} I'm LOVING the quality time I got to spend with family and friends last week. I got a lot of pictures, but have been too busy to download them. Whoops. 

{3} I'm LOVING all the baking that's been going on at my house :) 

{4} I'm LOVING that our shed is scheduled to be delivered this weekend. 

{5} I'm LOVING that Christmas shows are beginning on TV. We watched the lighting of the Rockefeller Center tree last night. Just beautiful. 

{6} Although I hate the cold, I'm LOVING that December is here and I can begin putting up Christmas decorations. When I get the time, that is. 

{7} I'm LOVING all the items of my sweet grandmother's that I got last week. Several items were set aside for the grandchildren to pick from, and I love everything I brought home. My curio is really starting to fill up :)

{8} I'm LOVING that I watched SATC2 yesterday while dipping red velvet cake balls. I saw it in theaters but was so happy to watch it again :)

Happy Wednesday, y'all!


  1. I love watching SATC! The show and the mocies are so good! I am also loving all the holiday baking, yum!!

  2. Thanks for playing along!

    I know you loved getting some things of your grandmother's :) Very sentimental!

  3. I loved the lighting of the Tree too! .. New follower!


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