12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge - Days 12-14

1. I am a horrible weekend blogger! I have been on once all weekend because life was crazy busy! So there are three days in one, again.

2. I am SO enjoyed this blog challenge. I've gotten a ton of new ideas and met some great people :)

Alright, on to the catch-up:

Day 12: Show us your decorations.

Sadly, there isn't much. I spent all of last week making yummy food for the big arts and crafts bazaar and had no time to decorate. I snapped these pictures of my decor this morning:

The stockings were actually purchased at the fair (4 bucks each --- can you believe it?!?!), while the poinsettias were 99 cents at Lowes during Black Friday weekend, and Mickey is the JC Penney Black Friday doorbuster gift.
I am off work today and plan to get a lot of my decorations up after I finish the moutain of laundry that has accumulated :)  I'll post pictures in the next week or so, I'm sure.

Day 13: Cookie recipe

I don't make complicated cookies. Seriously. At Christmastime, I do the Pillbury ones from the huge container at Sam's, and one of J's co-workers has requested No-Bakes the past couple of years.

However, my aunt makes THE BEST sugar cookies. I could eat these all day every day. She actually began making them before she married my uncle -- I joke the cookies are what convinced us she was alright :) Sadly, I don't have her recipe, but I should probably work on getting it ...

Day 14: Oprah's Favorite Things --- the items I would want if I were in the audience

1 - An iPad
2 - A new vehicle
3 - Money to pay off my  bills (which isn't too terribly much if you exclude the mortgage.)

And now I'm all caught up! I hope you check back to see my Christmas decorations later this week!

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  1. My Gillian Grace would love that Mickey snow globe! She just adores anything Mickey! Your list for Oprah sounds wonderful! Who wouldn't want any of those!?

    Hope you have a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping by. I hope to see ya around often! I'm following you now!

    Take care,



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