Mmmmm, pickles!

Yesterday, I offered to take my friend's little boy home with me for a couple of hours while she got her hair did. P is a very active 2-year-old, so she quickly obliged :)

I say this every time, but he really is at my favorite age now! P loves pickles, especially the ones my mom and I can, so he ate quite a few! I hate that the lighting is so bad in that picture :( We also had M&Ms, green beans, poppyseed chicken and more. 

P is at the age where he LOVES to help, so he went outside with us to feed Doc and "Mama Horse" (and Jax too.) P even carried the bucket and dumped in the feed! 

Since it was pretty cold, I grabbed a hat for P and this was the first one I found. He kept it on all night :) 

And, just for fun, a picture of P and his Auntie Chelle :)

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  1. What a little cutie! My Gillian Grace loves pickles too and it cracks me up to watch her eat them, they're so sour!

    Hope you have a great day, Michelle!


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