10 little things ...

  1. I'm working at our main campus tomorrow. Then on Friday I have to be there for a meeting at 7 a.m., and back in the town where I work (45 minutes away) by 10 a.m. Next time, I hope we plan a bit better.
  2. We are very close to beginning to solicit donations for our campaign, and the idea both excites and terrifies me.
  3. A new Italian place opened in town and my friend Jess and I went last week. The food was amazing. So much so my Wally World chicken fettucinne fails in comparison.
  4. Will you keep our Hank Dog in your prayers? Without really going into details, he went to the vet for the second time in as many months yesterday due to a cough and swollen abdomen, as well as decreased energy. We think we've found the problem this time and the meds should greatly improve the symptoms, but I'm still worried. We love that big guy.
  5. Even though it means losing an hour, I am SO ready for Daylight Savings Time this weekend. I can't wait for it to be warm enough that we can actually spend that extra hour outside!
  6. This week, I am on a salad kick. I could eat a grilled chicken salad every night. Last night Coop's feeding fell in the middle of me preparing supper, so hubby finished and my salad was so beautiful I almost didn't even want to eat it. But it was super yummy ...
  7. I'm talking myself out of doing a garden. I love fresh produce, but last year it really tanked, due to my exhaustion, back problems and the heat. I just hate not doing one, but it's not really feasible with a baby who will be 6-9 months old during that time and my working 10 hour days Monday through Thursday. Luckily my mom has a garden and I'm sure will keep me supplied :)
  8. How is it that winter is just about over and I've just now given into the leggings trend? I totally love them and would wear them every single day!
  9. Sometimes, I wonder if the money you make off a garage sale is worth all the work that goes into it. And in my case, gas, since it's not at my house.
  10. Is it bad that I'm glad St. Pats falls on a Saturday so I don't have to buy some ridiculous outfit for my kid to wear to daycare? It's weird, I like most holidays, but think this one is dumb ...
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  1. Oh my gosh. My heart is breaking for you over Hank Dog. :( Please keep us updated and I'll say a prayer for him. I hope they can get him all fixed up.

    I was hoping St. Patty's day would be on a Sunday. To keep the pinchers away! I have to work so if anyone pinches the pregnant chick, they better be prepared to be pinched back. The last thing I need is to have to wear green. I'd look like a green monster. haha.

    I'm very glad it'll be daylight longer but it's bittersweet because that means instead of it being light out at 620 like it is now, it'll be dark again. :( Having the daylight makes it so much easier to wake up that early!

  2. I didn't even dress T up for Halloween last year. So bad.

    I rocked leggins all last summer. It's not just a winter trend!!

    Get better soon Hank dog!

  3. :( I hope your doggy gets better soon!


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