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  • No storms last night! But they are in the forecast for this afternoon now ... in fact, my phone is buzzing with NWS warnings right now.
  • I've had quite the craving for bagels lately. Or maybe just cream cheese? Anyhow, I bought some earlier this week and they're staying at the office. I can definitely handle having one less thing to worry about {breakfast} in the mornings.
  • Our PAT coordinator came for a visit the other night. She said she wouldn't be surprised if Coop is rolling over at our next visit in four weeks, based on what he was doing last night. Excitement!

  • Sometimes, I hate subscribing to deal blogs. I saw this morning that has an additional 10% off its baby clearance plus free shipping, and promptly spent about 30 bucks.
  • We stayed out way too late last night. After I skipped my lunch break so I could leave early to sign some of the refinance papers at the bank, we stopped by my dad's farm to see the damage from Wednesday's storm - a grain bin had blown over! Anyhow, by the time we visited and Coop got to meet his great-aunt, it was almost 8 p.m., so we hit up the McD's drive-in {salad for me!} and headed on home to do bottles, bedtime, etc.
  • I'm considering chopping my hair off. It's gotten a bit damaged with split ends and such and I just feel I need to get rid of a few inches and get it healthier. The only thing stopping me is that I don't want people saying I have a "mom cut." Ha!
  • I'm trying to decide if we should do a family vacation this summer. Since we're working on a few other big projects, our beach trip is out. I'd like to do an overnight trip to, say, St. Louis {2 hour drive} and go to the zoo. Hubby and my mom think it's silly because Coop won't remember, but I just want to get in the habit of taking him somewhere every year. 
  • A sweet friend gave me a gift certificate to have a pedicure after Coop was born. I'm thinking that since the weather is warming up, now is the time to redeem it.
  • Have a great weekend :)

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  1. I just had my first pedicure last weekend since last June! It was divine.

    With your regular trim's, you still get split ends? I hate them and always enjoy cutting off the damaged ends too. But if it's what you want to do, don't let anyone's opinions keep you from it! Go for it. :)

    What about doing an overnight trip for you and your hubby? A little romantic get away for a night?

    Walmart sells my favorite bagels. They're in the refrigerator (egg) section and they're awesome. They stay fresh for so long and I like them right out of the fridge with cream cheese or grape jelly. :) I also like them toasted so it's win win either way. Landers is the brand.

    Have a great weekend! I hope the storms move out of your area and stay away!

  2. I've been wanting to chop my hair off, too! But I'm a little bit scared! Ahhh!!


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