Cooper: Four months!

Happy four month-day, baby boy! You continue to brighten the lives of those around you. I, for one, feel like I can never get enough of your sweet smile, laugh, kisses, etc.

And boy, this has been a big month for you. I'm afraid that in the blink of an eye, you're going to be all grown up.

But it is SO much fun and I love being your mommy. I'm so glad God blessed me with such an amazing little boy to love on and nurture.

This month, your daddy took you for your first ride on the tractor. You seemed to love it - although you love most things.

You continue to grow & develop right on track. Just last week, I bumped you up to 7 ounces in your bottles - but you still have your five feedings a day! You finish it with no problem, and typically nurse in the morning, have two bottles at Mrs. Robin's, then nurse in the evening and at bedtime. Mrs. Robin has noticed you still seem hungry at times after a bottle, so we may be able to go ahead and do 8 ounces a feeding, but I'm not sure. You are still exclusively breastfed, and we probably won't introduce rice cereal/oatmeal for at least another month, unless we think you need it.

You usually go to bed sometime between 9 & 9:30 and I'm considering moving that time up, since I have to wake you up in the mornings, but it's a tough decision to lose even more of our cuddle time at night. You smile and giggle as we change your diaper, smother you in kisses, and get you all snug as a bug in a rug in your little swaddle.

When Mrs. Cheri with the Parents As Teachers program came to visit last month, she said to expect some big things this month. And boy, was she right! Last Sunday - March 18 - you rolled over for the first time! Mama had you on your tummy and left the room and when I came back, you were on your back! A little later, I put you on the tummy again and you rolled over - four more times! I even caught one on video. {Please, excuse the excited mommy narrative at the end}

In addition to rolling over, you like to "talk" to us - usually in the morning and at night, although Mrs. Robin said the two of you have several conversations as well. You grab lots of things too - the plush animals in your toy gym, mommy's hair, our fingers, our faces, and your stuffed Gigi from Aunt Jessi :) We are really trying to work on your hand-eye coordination.

You are so gentle {except when pulling mama's hair!} and LOVE animals. Even though Hank is stinky and slobbers all over you, it doesn't faze you one bit when he comes up and licks your face & toes. You love to pet your horses too, and even got to take a little ride on Doc last week. Here you are giving Doc horse some love.

While inside, you like to have Maxx keep you company :) He often encourages you while you are hard at work with tummy time.

You love your little friends at daycare. Every morning, you get fussy when you go into your carseat, but when I start talking about Mrs. Robin, you immediately smile. Once we walk through the door, the kids swarm me and say "Hi, Baby!" Of course, you just love all that attention.

Bathtime is still a lot of fun for you, and I'm thinking we will buy a swimming pool to enjoy the outdoors this summer. You love your ducks!

You usually take two naps a day at the sitter's and will sometimes cat nap in the evenings at home. Nighttime usually consists of sitting in your Bumbo while I cook supper/wash dishes, tummy time, swinging {if you get fussy} and cuddles with Daddy & I.

You don't go to the doctor for your four-month well check until Tuesday, so I'm not sure what your stats are. I am guessing you will be about 16 pounds, however. Youa re in 3-6 month clothes and still a Size 2 diaper, but you may be ready for a 3 as there have been quite a few leaks the past couple days.

Cooper, your Daddy & I love you SO MUCH! I can't even remember what life was like before you came along. I do know that I laughed less and my heart wasn't near as big. You truly are a joy to everyone around you, and you bring so much happiness into my life. I love you to the moon & back!


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  1. This is too sweet. I hope you print these out for him to read when he gets older! :)

    Where has the time gone? Just as this pregnancy has flew by for me, it seems Cooper's first 4 months have too! I'm in shock that he's 4 months and about to change up to size 3 diapers! The picture of Cooper with the horse is too cute! I love that! Slow down little man! You're getting big too fast!!

  2. Oh Michelle- I swear he just gets cuter every day! He is just too sweet! That is great that he rolled over and I completely understand the excitement! I always sound like such a nerd in E's videos. :) Happy 4 months to your darling boy!

  3. oh my goodness!! the pictures fo him with J are just adorable...and him "hugging" the horse is just beyond words! he couldn't get any cuter! so much expression and personality for a little guy!

  4. He is such a happy little baby!! Every picture of him is so precious!

  5. Lookin' super cute, Coop! You'll be riding that horse before you know it.

    In Feb, the AAP reaffirmed its position on exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months. Read details here. GREAT article on on delaying solids until after 6 months here. We did Baby-led Weaning (BLW aka no purees or rice cereal), and T really got interested in solids around 7 months. Now he is eating many, MANY more solids than his 1 y.o. playmates. We "cheated" a little with BLW and gave some solids on a spoon or placed them in his mouth (vs true BLW with 100% self-feeding), but it worked for us.

    Just some things to read/think about. Another mom blogged about them a couple years ago, and they made sense to me, so we hopped on the breastfeeding and BLW bandwagons!

  6. He has gotten so big! He is adorable!


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