Mish Mash

It sure has been crazy in these parts! I guess the craziness of spring/summer is already beginning.
  • Today is my last day of work before spring break. I do have a meeting scheduled for 8 a.m. tomorrow, but it may be canceled ... On one hand, I just want to do it, but on the other, I'd love having the day to sleep in.
  • Like a crazy woman, I decided to use my three days off to have a garage sale with my mom. I have about six totes/boxes of things plus sevearl items on hangers, and I'm ready to get rid of a lot of it, so I'm pricing it pretty cheaply.
  • To prepare for the garage sale, hubby & I organized our closet on Saturday. I mean, we pulled everything out, sorted, etc. Sadly, after amassing quite a pile to sell/trash, our closet is still stuffed. But it looks pretty.
  • I'm loving that it's sunny so late now, although I forgot that spring forward also means it takes longer for the sun to rise in the morning. Boo.
  • To celebrate the beautiful, sunny weather yesterday afternoon, I opened the windows at the house, and Coop and I spent some time on the front porch. We were being silly :)
  • I was concerned that with the time change, Coop would be getting to bed late and waking up even later in the mornings. But so far, that's not the case - in fact, he's a little backwards. He's still going to bed at the same time (on the clock) but has been waking up earlier. I used to wake him up around 6:45, but yesterday he woke up at 6:15, and today it was about 5:15 a.m. Hungry both times, of course.
  • I'm thinking Mister may be experiencing another growth spurt, in light of all this. On weekends, we typically will give a bedtime bottle and I'll nurse through the day, and this weekend I upped him to 7 ounces because I didn't feel like dealing with just 1 oz. and he smashed it. Like, less than 10 minutes. Yesterday I sent a 7 oz. to the sitter and he finished it with no problems, too. Oh and we had to bring back the small bottle in addition to nursing at bedtime.
  • I'm really focusing on getting plenty of sleep and water now, because even though he is eating more, Coop is still eating five times a day, so my body basically needs to produce that extra milk. Body, please keep up.
  • I made a very yummy pizza casserole last night and it will last us at least three meals. Score! It was a bit dry, though, so I'm asking my mom about it before I share the recipe.
  • On Saturday, hubby and I set up round pen panels. My dad was getting rid of his and we {hubby} needed them to work with Jax horse {gotta get him broke for Coop} so we got them. We bundled up Little Man and let him chill in the swing. Of course, my little farmer and I had to get a picture :)
3.10.12 - and yes, I am rocking my FFA All*Star shirt from way back in high school
  • Little Mister sure does love spending time outside and wearing his shades. He seems to have some allergies, but we're hoping that exposing it to him will make it better in the long run.

  • I don't believe I've mentioned it, but Coop has an "angel kiss" - one of the birthmarks that's mostly just raised blood and typically fades over time. Clearly, it isn't in a visible area because most people don't know about it. Well, last week it bled some and then looked a bit blistered, so I called the doctors office and they had me bring him in for a quick visit. Luckily, it's totally normal, but seeing blood is freaky. We got done at 3 p.m. and I still had a lot of work to do, so my little angel got to come to work with me. Apparently, he thought mommy's job is super interesting :)

  • I'm going to have another good paycheck from my {extra} job this month. Yay! Especially since I'm still getting used to only getting paid once a month. I'm not the best at budgeting, y'all! But the best part is that half of it is going straight to savings.
  • Hope y'all enjoy your weekend while I'm {hopefully} getting rid of a lot of junk really great stuff and making some dinero

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  1. love his little sunglasses!! so sweet!

  2. Didn't you love the sunny weather, looks like you all had a great weekend, cooper is getting so big!

  3. He has grown up so fast and is such a cutie! Hows hank doing these days? He's been in my thoughts/prayers.

  4. Money going into savings is such a good feeling! One that I haven't felt for a while, haha! All of my extra money is going to the items I still need for the baby and for the prenatal care at the doctors and such.

    Good luck on your garage sale! I hope it goes great for you!


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