A rant

Alright, so I'm going to be a bit snarky today. If you don't want to listen, please, feel free to click that red X in the top right corner of your screen.

WHY do businesses insist on constantly changing things when there is NOTHING wrong with the way things are in the first place?!?! You know, Walmart moving where items are, restaurants changing menus, etc.

Today, I'm ranting and raving at Burger King - and let me tell you, if I were to "have it my way" they wouldn't have gone messing with their menu!

First, the fries. Yuck. Hubs and I pretty much left McDs because their fries began tasting cardboard-y. Plus we totally prefer the sandwich choices at BK. But now they have icky fries, too. I want my fries fatty people!

Next up was the salad dressings. For about four years now, I've been in love with the side salads. Often I would decide I wanted one to go along with lunch, and would scoot on over to BK with my $1.07 to buy my side salad with fat-free Italian. Then a couple months ago, it was no longer available. GRRRR. I did migrate to the Honey Balsamic which is also quite yummy, but it's still the principle. It's a fast-food restaurant, I really don't believe fancy schmancy dressings are necessary.

And yesterday was the whopper of them all. I go for my yummy side salad to accompany the leftovers and brought from home. And guess what? They've raised the price! Now my beloved little side salad costs $1.61!!! Not to mention that instead of having the yummy carrots and tomatoes mixed with the lettuce and cheese, it's now only lettuce and cheese. So basically, I feel like I'm paying 50% more for a subpar item.

Burger King, if it weren't for your delicious whoppers, chicken sandwiches and apple pies, you would be down a customer. But I'm going to have to break up with you over this whole side salad issue.

So - do you have a favorite side salad? Where?

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  1. BK has totally been doing the same thing to me with another item. They came out with Mocha Joe's a few years ago. It was amazing stuff. It tasted like a mix of coffee and chocolate milk - it was divine. Then they switched to Seattle's best coffee and their iced mocha was so strong. Like Iced black coffee strong. So i stayed away for a while and then figured out, let me order it with extra mocha. So now, I'm hooked on them like the Mocha Joes - only it'll never be quite that good. And every other month? They raise the price! It started out at 2.22 and now it's 2.75. And the size of the cup has been getting smaller at that!! She handed me a smaller cup in the beginning of March and I said, No, I ordered a large. She said "This is the new large, they changed the cup sizes" I was livid. She said... But you can now order an extra large if you want. (Which is the old large) and would cost over 3 dollars! Ugh.


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