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good monday morning! i hope you all had a great weekend - we did!

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I think the greatest thing about this weekend is that we didn't really do anything. or we didn't have any plans. the past two weekends have been devoted to yard sale and i think we were both ready for a chill weekend to do some work around the house!

of course, we did sneak in some relaxation, too! during one of our text convos on friday, hubs and i decided to do a pizza and movie date at home, since it had been awhile. he got the movies and i picked up a Papa Murphy's pizza. we rented Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Footloose, and 13. I fell asleep during 13, but hubby said he waws not impressed - although he typically loves any movie with Jason Statham!

saturday morning, hubs decided to seed our lawn. we have horrible sand burrs and have wanted to seed since we moved to our house 2.5 years ago, so now that we have a kid who will be running around outside, we figured now is the time! let me tell you, that was a project all in its own. he started out by mowing and weedeating on saturday, as well as renting the aerator and seeder. then most of the day yesterday was used to aerate, seed, and aerate again. wowza. we really hope all the time and money pays off with a fab yard with plush green grass.

while he was outside working, i slaved away inside. since cooper has been born, i have been SO lax on cleaning, i've made sure to wash the dishes, cook and keep the living room/bathroom cleaned, but that's about it. well, this weekend i managed to clean the kitchen/dining room, living room, main bath, master bath and master bedroom. i did work in our spare bedroom for a bit. the nursery stays pretty clean, but does need to be dusted. i also accomplished several  loads of laundry - although, come to think of it, there is still a load in the dryer. Whoops.

Question - how do you all handle unannounced visitors? Without giving a lot of details ... yesterday, some of J's relatives stopped in without calling first. Mind you, they live an hour away. Of course, when they came, he was in the middle of all his work outside and Coop was in the middle of a bit of a meltdown, wanting to be fed and take a nap. I tried to nicely suggest that if they want to come, it's not an issue, but we would appreciate a phone call. Obvs they are primarily coming to see Cooper, and it's really not ideal for them to visit during a feeding or nap time. This isn't really the first time we've had problems with it either. They typically call, but sometimes literally 10 minutes from when they get to the house. I guess I just feel like if you are driving an hour, you can give people some notice. What if we weren't home? What if we had other visitors? What if I just needed to get dressed and pick up some around the house? No, they don't drive up solely to see us, but it's still out of the way. I just find it incredibly rude not to give someone notice. I did make a remark that I didn't know they were coming or we would have told them to come at a different time, and I think they sorta took offense to it. Am I in the wrong here?

This is a hectic week for us! So therefore, not a lot of cooking. But here's the menu plan for the week:

Sunday: PW's chicken spaghetti left over from last week & salad. {Note: I omit all veggies in this recipe. SO healthy, I know}
Monday: I have a banquet to attend, so hubby is on his own! I bought some pre-made hamburger patties yesterday, though, so I'd imagine he'll have that.
Tuesday: Nacho pie & salad. I'm not sure what recipe I will use yet but will post once i decide.
Wednesday: Leftover nacho pie
Thursday: Hubs and I are attending another banquet.
Friday: Salmon patties, fried potatoes, macaroni in tomato juice
Saturday: TBD. I'm really hoping for a pretty day so maybe I can convince hubs to grill!

How was your weekend/what are you looking forward to this week?

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  1. You are SO right about calling before visiting. I even made the rule clear to my parents, since they live an hour away. Not all of my nursing friendly shirts are appropriate for visitors, and I always like to pick up the house if someone is coming. Not a big show--just clear the floor, so everyone isn't tripping on baby toys. I might also like to shower? Not to mention you possibly being gone or having other visitors. Stick to your guns on this one. An hour's notice is not too much to ask. Also, if it was my J's relatives, I would ask him to make it clear to them (and not say I made him say something...). This is one of those things I think the parents should stand united on and whoever's side of the family it's on should be the one to make the wishes known.

  2. I agree! It is so rude when people just drop by. My house is hardly ever clean with 2 kids and 2 full time working parents so u definitely need a heads up when someone is coming over! A far as the nursing him goes, I woul just go in the other room and if he falls asleep so be it, he needs his rest! You were right to make a comment even if they did take offense to it, maybe next time they'll call!
    Love how you plan meals! I wish I was better at that!

  3. I don't have kids or a family- but it's still rude to just show up! I would never do that to someone, especially to someone who had a baby!

  4. You know, one thing that I have noticed is that the "drop in and see somebody routine" is fairly common down there. That is not a shot, just an observation. I distinctly remember doing that to our aunts/uncles/grandparents growing up and it happening all of the time to us.

    I agree that it is rude but I don't think that they were trying to be rude, they just thought "Hey, we are here and close by. Let's stop by and see the baby."

    I would suggest, though, that maybe J can deal with this. Just don't want you to look like the bad person, you know? I always make Scott deal with issues that involve his family because otherwise, I'm the b. Know what I'm saying?

    I so remember all of those burs in the grass over in the Benton, Sikeston, Morely area. I used to get them stuck in my feet all of the time at my grandparents house. It's weird, there weren't any in Bell City. I wonder what is different about the ground from Morley to BC? Strange, I haven't thought about that in years.

    Glad you had a good weekend.


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