hello, march!

Well, had we not had a leap year and yesterday been March 1, the month definitely would have been "in like a lion." Today is nice, but we're bracing for more storms tonight/tomorrow - so please keep my husband who has to deal with me family in your prayers.

Anyhow, last month I posted some goals, if you will, for February. I thought it would be fun to recap them and post more for March.

- Do Fab Ab February. Meh. I did it for a week, go off track due to my birthday, tried to catch up, got sick, yada yada yada.

- Eat healthier. Sort of. I did pay attention to portions at first and did attempt to do more veggies. But I still ate sweets practically every day.
  • NOTE: These things would be SO MUCH easier if my hubby was on board with me. Excuses, exchmushes, I know.
- Lose 4 lbs. I was very surprised to see I'd lost 3 lbs. this month. I guess I must have done something right.
- Get caught up/save money. Well, we paid off all the doctors bills this month. And I would totally have the money to save, but forgot my insurance is now on a different cycle, so my money will go toward that instead. Le sigh.
- Organize the spare bedroom/buy a file cabinet to get all the paperwork in order. Nope. We did do a bit of work in the spare bedroom one weekend so it's better, but still far from perfect.
- Keep the house presentable/spend 10 minutes each night picking up. Didn't happen. I think that by the time I get home, nurse, cook supper, prep bottles and do the dishes, I'm just plain exhausted and don't have it in me to pick up while hubby is just watching TV.
- Live in the moment/put the phone down more/do more multi-tasking. I sucked at the multi-tasking - clear by the fact that laundry sits in the baskets for about a week. But I did much better at leaving the phone alone and spending quality time with Coop - although I still could use some work.

So for March ...

  • Complete Mad Abs March in conjunction with Fab Ab February.
  • Do a better job of eating in moderation. Sweets are OK, just don't go overboard. And watch those darn portions!
  • Lose 4 lbs. I think this should be attainable with just a little willpower, considering I did 3 lbs. without much trying this month. I wanna go on my birthday shopping spree!
  • Get outside/walk at least once a week (even if it's at lunchtime)
  • Continue breastfeeding.
  • Out to eat no more than two times/week (unless it's work-related and I can't help it.)
  • Save at least half of my "extra" paycheck.
  • Continue to work on putting down the damn phone! And spending more quality time with my boys.
  • Only start a load of laundry if I can finish it.
  • Purge our house of junk we don't need and have an awesome yard sale (which is to be in two weeks ... EEEK!)
  • Finally finish cleaning the spare room and basement hallway.
  • Make one PHONE CALL to friends who don't live in town each week.
  • Start couponing again
  • Try two new recipes
OK, I think that's plenty for this month!

Do you all set monthly goals? How do you keep yourself accountable?

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  1. i want to do that calendar, I'm not a good motivator and maybe this will help!

    Happy March!

  2. 3 pounds! Without too much effort?! That's awesome! Way to go girlie!

    And you're so right on having your hubby be on board with you because my co-workers wife started WW and then he did too. They are doing insanely well and have been at it since November and it's so easy because they have the support from each other. It'll be neat when I go back on it because he'll be able to support me at work but at home? It's harder because Craig won't be on it and when you're counting points alone it's much harder.

    Maybe it's because my stomach muscles suck right now since they're all stretched with a baby in there.. but your double ab workout is giving me a tummy ache just thinking about it! haha.

  3. Oh, I so need to do the phone call thing. It's sad that all I do is text my friends, never call. I have been wanting to start couponing, too!! My mother-in-law is getting into it and now I want to!!


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