What I'm Loving

It's a beautiful January day and easy to think of lots of things I am loving.

{1} I'm loving that the week is halfway over!

{2} I'm really loving that January is almost over which means summer is getting closer!

{3} I'm loving that I've fallen into a great workout routine! It does mean eating supper a bit later, but is totally worth it. I really do feel a lot better.

{4} I'm loving the outfit I pulled together for today. I don't consider myself a fashionista or style blogger at all, but am excited about this one.

{5} I'm loving that hubby is back at work today. Hah! Totally shouldn't say that, but of course when he is home I stay in bed longer in the mornings ... then again, he did a great job of helping with Cooper in the mornings as well.

{6} I'm loving this hair! Almost makes me wish I were a boy :)

{7} I'm loving these things I've recently pinned ...

{8} I'm loving my handsome men :) {Totally need an updated picture}

What are you loving today?

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