92 days ...

Until my due date!


That has me both excited (I can't wait to meet you Tuff!) and also very anxious. I am such a Type A personality who likes to have all my ducks in a row. And I feel so disorganized when it comes to all this baby stuff, probably due to my wait-until-the-last-minute husband.

For example: I'm the girl who would rather be 15 minutes early than one minute late. He doesn't mind being a few minutes behind.

J keeps reassuring me that the baby doesn't NEED a nursery so long as he/she has a place to sleep. True, but it's very important for mama's nesting.

Not to mention the fact that Baby can come at any time, although I hope he/she stays in as long as possible. But it's totally normal (and typical in my family) to have the baby early. So in my mind, we have more like 70 days to prepare. And that's just downright scary.

Here's what I know we need to do in the meantime:
  • Figure out daycare
  • Find a pediatrician/family doctor
  • Write out a birth plan
  • Take the classes
  • Clear out room
  • Have carpets cleaned
  • Paint room
  • Install new trim
  • Find/buy dresser
  • Order glider
  • Pick fabric/have curtains made
  • Decorate the room (who likes plan walls?)
  • Purchase any necessities we aren't given
  • Come up with more name ideas
  • Have maternity photos taken
  • Clean up all baby gear that's been purchased at yard sales
  • Deep clean living room and kitchen
  • Prepare freezer meals
  • Shop ahead for Christmas, November/December birthdays
Any tips you all have for executing any of these tasks specifically? Like what we should look for in a daycare/doctor, and what classes to take?

Or how to handle my stress ... since Xanax is out of the question right now :)


  1. Check out the short 3 part blog series from our pediatrician on how to choose a pediatrician: MamaSoodMD

  2. Ok, pick 2 things to do a week and you will be done on time. :) If you do more than 2 you'll be ahead of the game. Breathe in the mean time. :) One day you may have to give me the same advice. :) You can also start delegating. Put your hubby or someone in charge of some things for you. Also, about freezer meals, don't forget that a lot of lovely ladies will bring some to you too when you're out of the hospital. When you're making stuff now, just do a double batch while you're at it and freeze. :)


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