Bumpdate - 24 weeks

Now is what I consider my halfway point! It's right in the middle of when we found out and our due date.

During Week 23, Baby R is still papaya-sized. However, he gained weight and is somewhere between 12.7 and 20.8 ounces. As I mentioned three weeks ago, he was about a pound, so definitely on the high end of that. We go to the doctor today :)

During week 23, Tuff sprouted his two tiny nipples.

No real cravings this week. In fact, I think I've developed a bit of an aversion to a lot of meats. My cravings are mostly my drinks and dairy, but I eat plenty of other food to make sure Baby R gets all he needs.

I'm up about 6 pounds from my beginning weight. I figure if I gain about a pound a week for the rest of the pregnancy, that puts me around 20 lbs, which is what is recommended for me.

I think I may be developing carpal tunnel in my left arm. I plan to talk to my dr. about this today and probably get a brace.

I don't think I've ever discussed in-depth my "birth plan" but I absolutely DO NOT want a C-section unless it's totally necessary. That goes even more now, since I learned that I won't be eligible for short-term disability at my new job, as I had previously thought. Six weeks off is hard enough, eight would be really tough! We are already starting to put money back for this period, however.

I wore this black dress to work last week (with a cardi, totally didn't show off those puffy arms!) and really liked my preggo shape in it. So I had J take a picture (it was on July 28, so I was 23 weeks, 2 days)

Still feeling LOTS of movements. As I type this, Baby R is kicking up a storm. I tell J that I think we have a very smart baby, because I SWEAR whenever I put my hand where the baby is, the kicks get a lot harder and frequent. And I love it.

We plan to start registering today. As far as I know, two showers are being planned. One by a couple of my aunts for family/people who live in my hometown (a big 20 minutes away!) and then my friends are doing one down here. It will be a surprise shower, and I'm super excited!

And here I am last night - 23 weeks, 6 days. Belly is definitely rounding out, I think.

And, just for fun (very picture-heavy this week, I know!) I'm throwing in a picture I snapped before leaving for work Monday morning. I walked by the mirror and thought "whoa, I look like a cute pregnant woman!" 

Please don't think that's egotistical of me, it's not supposed to be. I just always feared that when I was pregnant I would be sloppy the entire tim, and I loved what I saw! I finally look pregnant but still professional and pulled together. I hope I keep feeling that way for at least 10-12 more weeks :)


  1. awe you look great!
    love the little bump!

  2. Girl, you look adorable in all those pictures, with your little bump!!
    Glad you are still feeling good

  3. You look like a very cute pregnant woman! I have that fear too. I need to lose about 40 pounds so I'm a little freaked out about how bad I'll look. But you're rocking the baby bump! :)

  4. You look so precious with ur baby bump!

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  5. You look so good!! How exciting to see how far you're coming along with the baby bump pictures! :)


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