Bumpdate - 28 weeks

I am seven months pregnant people! And officially in the third trimester!

During week 27, Baby weighed about 2 lbs (a head of cauliflower) and measured out at about 14.5 lbs. with his legs extended.

He is now sleeping and waking up at regular intervals. And when mommy feels kicks when she is trying to fall asleep, she prays you will go to bed a little earlier than now! Tuff can also open his eyes and with more brain tissue developing, has a very active brain. Of course, he is a genius!

Lungs are still developing, but would be capable of functioning - with a lot of medical help - if born now.

Hiccups are common, but I haven't felt any yet. Then again, I have been so busy that sometimes I have to stop for about five minutes and make sure he/she is still moving around in there.

As for me, I am getting HUGE and definitely feel like a seven-month pregnant woman. I go to a monthly lunch and this time was when everyone noticed my bump. I wear lots of dresses to work, but feel the urge to spray tan since my legs are so ghostly white. At home, I pretty much live in hubby's boxer shorts and either a sports bra or a cami. And I'm about to freeze my husband out already. Over the weekend I, the queen of frugal, turned down the air a few degrees. I sleep with maybe one cover, while J snuggles up with three, including the comforter!

Hanky poo has noticed something is going on as well. For fun, we'll ask where his brother/sister is. Sometimes he responds to one and not the other, and sometimes he doesn't respond at all. But Hank is very protective of his mama these days and doesn't even try to jump on me anymore. Poor thing, his world is going to change big time in a few months.

Today I have a doctors appointment. I not only need to get signed up for some of those childbirth classes, I've had a few pains (like a pulling at the top of my uterus) that I need to ask her about. It's also my gestational diabetes test day.

AND I'm hoping we get a heartbeat that's either below 140 or above 150 so I can keep guessing if this little one is a boy or girl :)

Afterwards, we plan to buy Tuff a dresser, and look for fabric for the curtains, a small pillow and perhaps the crib skirt, to change things up a bit. We don't like themes and all the patterns seem to be boy, girl or have brown in them (we are doing black furniture) so we'll probably end up with a plain bedding but fun crib skirt. Unfortunately J and I seem to have totally opposite tastes in fabric patterns, so it will be interesting.

I'm feeling pretty good, but definitely getting tired a lot more easily. I don't swell often, but when I spend a lot of time on my feet - like working in the tiled basement - I have to take breaks and prop up my feet. I also sleep with two pillows under my feet every night, so I think that helps a lot.

Weight gain was about one pound this week, so around 14 total. And I think it's all in my midsection, with a little extra on my thighs.

One of these weeks, I'll have to try and look put together and not like I just rolled out of bed for my photo. Ha!

Here we are at 27 weeks, 6 days:

I feel like I'm carrying low again. And huge.

But looking back at 18 weeks, I can only imagine how much I'll be growing in the next 10-12.


  1. I'm calling it a boy. You look great. The cramps will start coming more frequently. Make sure you are drinking a lot of water and take breaks when you start feeling tired.

  2. You know, you do look low. Good luck at your appointment today! How do you sleep with your feet on pillows without them moving through the night or you kicking them away? haha I would have such a hard time with that. I am always moving or rolling over or changing positions.

  3. I can't believe you're already in your third trimester! And you are not huge. You look tiny for seven months! :)

  4. You look great (and totally not like you just rolled out of bed). I cannot believe you are seven months. I hope the last couple months are smooth sailing for you and that you can stay cool :).


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