What I'm Loving Wednesday (aka pictures from my iPhone)

Happy Wednesday! I can't believe we're already at the midway point for the week, but I sure am glad!

Since I was so busy and didn't have time to link up last week, I have lots of loves to share with you.

{1} I'm LOVING that J and I marked our first month of marriage yesterday. Marriage is treating us well so far - ha! Even more, I'm loving this text convo we had:

He cracks me up so much!

{2} I'm LOVING the new outdoor furniture we got. Our house has gray vinyl siding and maroon shutters, which we plan to paint charcoal. So we've been looking for black/gray furniture for the front porch, without much luck. Well, we went to Lowes and found some - that they haven't even had all summer! Plus it was 25 percent off AND we had a wedding gift card, so we paid very little out of pocket for this set :)

{3} I'm LOVING our new ceiling fan! Ha, I know I'm a dork, but the one in our room went out last fall and we've had NOTHING since. We actually bought this one for our living room when we moved, but never could figure out if we really liked it, because the center of the actual room is different than the center of the sitting area. So, J just put it in our bedroom to help cool me off at night :) We went a step further and also installed the remote, so we can change it without getting up. GENIUS! Love it! He also set it up so we can dim the lights.

{4} I'm LOVING how beautiful it has been the past few mornings. I kinda wish I liked coffee, so I could sit out front, on the new furniture, and just enjoy.

{5} I'm LOVING my new job! Not only are my coworkers amazing (not at all clique-y like at my previous job) I'm really loving what I'm doing. Plus .... we figured out how to work my maternity leave! Let's say I don't have to worry about saving up two months of expenses (although J told me I seriously shouldn't) or going on COBRA for my insurance and get to stay at home the entire time. Plus, we have eight paid days off for Christmas, so it's guaranteed I don't have to go back to work until January :) Thank goodness! Now I just need my doctor to be on board.

{6} I'm LOVING my Erin Condren life planner! I purchased it after reading great things from several bloggers and totally agree, it's amazing. Plus, I got it half price, due to a plum district voucher.

{7} I'm LOVING that I ordered tons of wedding photos for our small album thanks to Snapfish's deal this week. 100 print for $1 and free shipping? Yes, please!

{8} I'm LOVING this sweet Mizzou hooded sweatshirt I found at Walmart last night! They were marked down to $3 from $16, so I bought one for Baby R and another for my niece :)

{9} I'm LOVING that we are almost done registering for Baby R. There are just a few items that weren't in stores that I'm going to add from the stores' websites, then we are good to go. I hope, haha. But I'm very glad I've been shopping at yard sales - baby stuff is insanely expensive!

{10} I'm LOVING that this weekend is the first in some time we have *no* plans. So we intend to work around the house so operation nursery can begin very soon. Have I mentioned this is the last week of my second trimester?

{11} I'm LOVING Pinterest. It is *so addicting*. But I'm finding a lot of great ideas for the nursery and so much more there. I know a lot of it isn't reasonable, and some ideas have been vetoed, but a girl can dream, right?


  1. bahahaha david would totally do the math toO! haha!
    and i am going to have to check out the life planners!

  2. Have fun working around the house so that you can get started on the nursery. We're such plan ahead kind of people and we have the new house and my husband is trying to get started on it already and we aren't even pregnant yet! I told him he has to slow down.

    I love the patio set! And I love coffee. The weather here has been so refreshing in the mornings too! But since you don't like coffee.. have hot chocolate? :)

  3. Love your list!! :) Cute planner.... I can't live without mine!!

    I'm your newest follower!! Love your blog!

  4. Everyone has those life planners and is raving about them! I might just have to look into them :-)

  5. That conversation between you and J is too funny!
    I'm beating myself up for not ordering one of those planners. They are too cute and everyone is saying how good they are.
    So glad your maternity leave got all worked out. I know that makes you feel good and takes some stress off of you!
    Hope you are having a good day

  6. EVERYONE has gotten a new planner!!! Maybe I should too :)

  7. That is the CUTEST convo between you two! Seriously, you guys are kind of more than adorable! Happy 'Month-iversary!' :)


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